Automatic overload ON/OFF controller for Coir Mills


              We are manufacturing electronically highly advanced programmable products according to the

customer requirements. For coir Mills, we had manufactured Micro controller programmable Automatic

Overload ON/OFF Controller with cell phone message facility’s.

              In this product, to say if the coconut husk processing machine motor is 50hp and feeder motor

to feed husk is 1Hp. If the coconut husk feeding from 1Hp motor is increased by improper feeding of coconut

husk by the worker, immediately 50hp motor current will increases.

              Sensing this, our product OFF the 1Hp feeder motor automatically. After the 50hp motor current

comes to the normal, the feeder motor will ON automatically. It is fully automatic.

           You can use our same programmable unit, from 10Hp to 100Hp for overload production. Likewise,

we manufacture electronic products according to the customer requirements specially for

coir factory’s.