Neuron Wireless Security System


           Our system is technically advanced and highly safe for commercial and home applications

with built-in leading microcontroller technology.

         Our system uses High accurate sensors, when a burglar or thief tries to break the door.

Immediately, it will give an alarm (Loud speakers can be also used, which hear sound more than 1

km) same time an alert message will be sent to the customer mobile number and any number of

persons you want.

          Our sensors have very high sensitivity, for regular knock on the door’s and regular opening of

your door’s using key. There will be no alarm and alert message. Our system clearly detects the

vibration differences between the door breaking and regular door usage.

          So this system is very useful for various applications such as Home, Residential Apartments,

Jewel Shops, Banks, ATM centers, Shops, Offices, other commercial and non-commercial purposes