Neuron Multipurpose Mobile Starter

                        We are Team of engineers manufacturing highly advanced technological products by using 

GSM technology. Our Mobile starter is technically advanced and highly safe for any kind of motors used

in the field of Agriculture,Textiles,Hospitals,Home,Scientific industries( where Precious, accuracy motors

are used), for any kind of industries, and also for any kind of motors used for precious applications . You can

control and monitor your equipments from anywhere around the world.



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         We have arranged a Trial Mobile Starter in our Factory for Customer onvenience. (Available for 24

hours).  To Operate our Trial  Mobile  Starter : Now itself  you can call and “ON” our Factory Trial Starter 

Motor Number 9894053815.

  • Just give a Missed call to ON the Starter and another Missed call to OFF.
  • Immediately you can receive a status message of the Motor.

To know,

  • The status of the starter, Send message as STATUS,
  • The Motor settings, Send message as SET,
  • The today’s total run time of your Motor, Send message as TRT,
  • The special settings , Send message  as SS.

         NOTE :  All the Messages sending to the starter must be in Capital letters only.


  • Give a missed call or Message to ON or OFF the motor.
  • Scrolling Display is provided to see all the status of your motor and all other motor

parameters, even after the power supply is off for more than 24 hours. This type of long time backup

facility is available only in our starter.

  • By using our Neuron mobile starter, you can ON or OFF your motor without even a single paisa


  • EB supply ON or OFF, Dry Run, over load, High Voltage, Low Voltage, Fuse Failure and Single

phase Protection, etc… For all these above reasons, customer can get individual reason alert

message to his mobile number.

  • By yourself, you can set your motor’s ON/OFF Timings, Dry Run, over load, High Voltage and

Low Voltage settings as per your field situation and motor HP requirement.

  • While you are somewhere else, without knowing your field’s EB supply position, if you try to ON

your motor without EB supply. Our Neuron starter clearly send a message to you as “Supply off,

Motor cannot on”.

  • To safeguard the precious motor’s run in time based industries, accuracy based motors,

compressor used field motors and long pipe line fields, we provide a feature to start & restart your

motor as per your required delay time to ON the motor.

  • To save your money and time, simply call the starter mobile number, in just 1 or 2 rings to ON

or OFF the motor.

  • While Motor is running, Suppose if  any  branch of a  tree ( like as Coconut tree),  falls on the  3

phase  line’s , a sudden short circuit  occurs. In this condition our starter protects the motor by

sensing it as “DRYRUN or OVERLOAD”. You can get any one of these messages.

  • If the EB supply for your starter is cut OFF for a long period of time, we will detect that also.
  • Our Neuron Mobile Starter will clearly identify the order of the 3 phase supply. If the 3 phase

supply order was changed, an alert message will be sent to the customer mobile number and  the

motor will not ON until the supply order was corrected.

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  • We are the No. 1 in this High Technology program.
  • By using our High technology program(Android application), you can easily operate &

control your mobile starter by a single touch from anywhere, around the world.


  •  To OFF your motor simply touch “OFF” button.
  • To ON your motor simply touch “ON” button.
  • To get Status of your motor simply touch “STATUS” button.

         like this there are many user friendly commands to control & operate your Mobile Starter.

  • In other brand starter’s the customer has to register & save their mobile number in the starter

sim card and after that only you can handle and operate the starter with long ringing. But for

our Neuron starter, just we need your mobile number only with 1 or 2 rings.

  • Every day you can know the total running time of your motor in hours and minutes also.
  • Everyday, you can also get your starter sent messages count and total messages available in

each and every individual starter feedback messages.

  • Using the ON or OFF switch in our panel, yourself or anybody can run the motor manually at

the motor situated field itself.

  • If you select Mobile mode, you only ON your motor from your mobile number. This is a high

security for your precious water in your well. This type of feature is available only in our


  • You can know everyday’s date, time and hours in our panel display for all the years.
  • Compare to other brand starters, our  Neuron starter should be ON by our Particular

customers only. So it is also very high security for our customer’s Motor Safety.In other brand

anybody can easily operate the customer starter.

  • Cyclic Timer settings help’s you to ON or OFF the motor automatically as per your required

time interval as per your needed requirement and water availability in your open well, sump, bore


  • In your well, if your motor is OFF due to dry, you can only restart your motor according to the

water availability in your well. Using this cyclic timer, you can ON your motor, so many times

for all the days.

  • If your motor 1). Current or voltage goes lower or higher than your set limit value 2). Any one

phase failure [3 times] 3). Motor bearing break down, motor will OFF automatically and an

alert message will send to the customer number along with reason for its occurrence. These

above occurrences are harmful to the motor. So, you can only restart the starter after your

field verification.

  • When compare to other brand starters, in our starter, we used only 30% of electronic

components. Because our technical design and program are highly advanced. So it is highly

trouble free, very small and compact.

  • While motor is running, if any one phase fails, our starter will OFF the motor immediately and

gives an alert message to the customer along with which particular phase is failed.

  • Compare to other starter, our operation manual description, technical detail specifications

and message commands are very simple, easily understandable and user friendly to operate.

  • If it is raining in your field, factory & farm, you will get a raining message. If it rains heavily,

the Motor will off automatically and you will get an alert message, If the rain sensor used in

agriculture field.*

  • Normally all the submersible motor’s (Bore Well Sub,Open Well Sub) are running in water

lubrication. So inside the Motor & Pump water must be needed. So if we run the motor without

water inside it. All the bushes and bearings are damaged. Never run the motor in Dry Run condition

except few seconds. So it must be better to stop the motor just before the Dry Run occurs. For this

problem we specially designed our starter to OFF the motor just before Dry Run occurs.

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Auto valve Control system for Industry & Agri:

  • Using our starter, you can control 16 valves automatically, which control the valves water flow

by setting as per your need and water availability with our high technology to save your precious

water. You can increase more than 16 numbers of valves and also you can adjust ON time or OFF

time of individual valves as per your field requirement.

  • While your motor running in auto valve mode, if there is no water in your well, our starter send

message as Dry run and motor off. Our starter will restart the motor automatically after this set

hours delay (DVOT), according to water availability in your well. Say for example, if your Motor

OFF’s in DRYRUN, Now your well is dry without water. Your well takes some time to get sufficient

water (say 3 hours).  If you set these 3 hours as DVOT, after this time only, motor will restart again

automatically. Like this you can run your motor all the days automatically according to your well

water position.

  • If the valve (say valve number 2) is running with 50 minutes ON Time, while irrigation is going

on, at the 40th minute, EB power supply is OFF.  So the remaining irrigation time is only 10 minutes

left. If the EB supply resumes after some time, the same valve (valve number 2) will ON for the

remaining 10 minutes only and after that next valve (say valve number 3)  will be ON automatically

for its specified set  ON time. So with this unique feature, you can save your precious water.

  • If the Irrigation of  Valve no: 5 is  going on ( Duration : 50 minutes). After the 50th minute

immediately and automatically  the 6 th valve opens, then after 30 seconds , the Valve no: 5 will be

closed. This feature is 100% safety for pipe lines.

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Specially Designed Multipurpose Starter:

  • In our Neuron Mobile Starter,Our special design helps you to operate 2  motors  from our

single starter from any where around the world by using your mobile phone.

  • You can also run those both two motors simultaneously by using our starter.
  • In our mobile starter, you can also use additional 2 air valves with variable cyclic timer option.

 Highly New Invention:

  • In your field, if your incoming neutral line is failure (break down), our starter clearly detects it

and provides information.

  • Normally our electricity department regularly disconnects one particular phase ( Agri only).

We provide you which one phase is your field’s disconnecting phase (cutting), without visiting

your agriculture field.

  • We are very expert in deciding your Bore well water position by using our specially

programmable starter.

  • Due to heavy wind blow, if all the three EB lines are twisted, Due to this, if one phase failure

(say R phase in the transformer), any one of the other two phases (say Y or B phase) linked with R

phase. In this situation, any kind of starter around the world shows the input supply as real three

phase supply. But it is not true as per the above field condition. But, our starter clearly detects this

and provides information.

  • Due to voltage drop & voltage fluctuation in the input EB supply to industries, agriculture field

condition, during heavy wind blow, nuisance tripping (Overload) may occur frequently. So it will

damage your motor and starter, due to this nuisance tripping, industries productions, and water

wetting in the agri field, so the crop time wetting is highly reduced. To avoid this problem, we

provide you a high technological feature.

  • While motor is running, if any two EB supply lines are twisted, immediately in the transformer

side or in your field side fuse carrier, the fuse burnt out. Customer can get an alert message

immediately; along with particular phase fuse failure details, even if it is in LT or HT side also. So,

it is highly safety for the precious motors.

  • Even though, if anybody at anytime switch off your starter or try to misuse your starter, it will

send and indicate an alert message to your mobile number. Like this we provided high security to

the entire field’s who are using our starter.

  • Compare to other brand starters, while the motor is running, if the voltage goes lower than

your low voltage set value, our starter also off the motor. But if the voltage goes even lower than this

low voltage, we will provide you another special intimation message. It is a very unique information


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Electronic starter with DT Switch:

  • Using our Neuron electronic DT unit, you can change over your DT switch electronically

without going to your industry & field, by using your mobile phone, you can get individual message

about, which one motor is ON now. By using our Neuron electronic DT unit, you need not purchase

Manual DT (Regular) switch. So our Starter is along with the DT switch provision.*

  • Using our Neuron electronic DT unit, if the water in the water tank is dry, the bore motor will

ON automatically and after sometime later, if the water tank is full, the bore motor will off

automatically and immediately tank motor will ON automatically and discharge the water for your

purpose. For every operation you can get a clear message about which one motor is ON.*

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