Neuron Patient’s and Multipurpose Monitor

We (NEURON engineers) are the 1st people in the world, who invented this unique product.

           Neuron Patient’s and Multipurpose Monitor is very useful for the industries & peoples who are unable

to speak and also for even 90% physically immovable persons and also monitor anything around the world

that you want. This is highly new invention by Neuron GSM. This product is technically advanced and highly

safe and security for patients and public.


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How it Works?

                          In this system the patient should wear a intelligent glove, which produces electronic voice output

and SMS output according to the  movement of the patient’s fingers (or any other parts of the body


                      We use this technology to support for any industries along with unimaginable advantages &

Features. Using, even a simple movement , we can control any equipments around the world.

                      Just using the finger movement of the patient’s, we can get patient’s needs and thinking’s in 30

different type of SMS’s individually, even where ever you are in the world. This system intelligently

communicate through message from the above mentioned category patient’s, (what they think, what they

want) to the patient’s blood relations, housekeepers and any other people they want simultaneously.


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»    The above voice output and SMS output results can be changed according to the patient’s needs and

requirements as you like & patient’s like.

Some sample communication results as follows: I want to Brush, I want to Bath, call my Daughter, call my

Husband, call my Son, Cut my   nails, Take me to haircut, I want snacks, switch ON/OFF AC, Change my helper,

Change my dress, I want to go to bed, Call my Advocate and also anything you & patient’s want to



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»    You & patient’s can convey a Personal message for safety purpose without knowing to others knowledge.

For example: when you are in a conference hall, if you want to convey a secret message about a subject or

anybody’s behavior inside the hall to a particular person who is staying outside the hall or anywhere in the

 world, you can send the secret alert message easily without knowing anybody inside the hall.


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»    This intelligent unit is not only for one patient, you can also reuse this unit by any number of patients 

by many times and also used in industries  for multipurpose use, because our intelligent unit programmed by

using microcontroller, so it is very user-friendly to all.