Neuron Spot Locator

                         Neuron Spot Locator is technically advanced and highly accurate specific spot location finder

for all the vehicles (2 Wheeler, 4 Wheeler) and all the persons including Children’s, Girls, Boy’s and also

for anything you want to locate around the world.  Our Neuron Spot Locator monitor the vehicles over speed

and intimate the over speed through messages to your Mobile Phone automatically. For this we developed our

own “NEURON SPOT LOCATOR” Android App to monitor your vehicle or person’s location.

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            We have arranged a Trial Spot Locator in our Factory for Customer Convenience.(Available for 24hours). 

To Operate our Trial Spot Locator.Now itself you can call our Factory Trial Spot Locator Number 9894054831. 

Immediately you will get the location message from our Trial Spot Locator. Just Click on the received message

from Spot Locator and open it in Google maps to know the location of our Trial Spot Locator.



»    You can get the detailed location’s report of your vehicle’s or a particular person available location’s

through your mobile phone from the very beginning of the day after installing our Spot Locator Unit.


If you want to know a particular person or your vehicle available location on yesterday around 6 pm to 9 pm.

Just go through our yesterday’s report available in your mobile phone on that particular time.

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»    In our Vehicle over Speed Monitor, we can calculate the speed of your vehicle. As a special invention,

your vehicle over speed limit value can be decided by you (Say above 70 km/hour). If your vehicle speed exceeds 

70 km/hour, immediately you can get an over speed alert message. For each and every time, if your vehicle

exceeds 70 km/hour speed, you can get individual over speed alert message.


»    As a special and unique invention, while travelling in a car through National Highway or State Highway.

You are in the position to overtake so many slow speed vehicles (Lorry, Buses etc.) While overtaking, you 

have to increase the speed of your vehicle above 70 km/hour for every overtaking, during overtaking times,

we cannot measure your vehicle over speed and also we cannot send any over speed intimation alert message.

»    You can modify your vehicle over speed limit, even your vehicle is running on the road. (Ex: 70 km/hour or 90

km/hour or 100 km/hour).

»    At any moment if you want to check your vehicle Speed, Simply by sending a Message to your Vehicle Spot

Locator Unit, immediately you can get your vehicle Speed. This feature is very useful to monitor your

vehicle driver, if he speaks in his cell phone. 

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»    By using our “Advanced location time interval program”, you can get the location details of your vehicle or a

particular person, for your convenient, fixed interval of time automatically.


»    If you fix the time interval as 5 minutes, you can get the location details of your vehicle or a particular

person for every 5 minutes automatically. This Time interval can be vary or adjust by you according to your

requirements. (Ex: 5 min, 10 min, 30 min)

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»    In case of emergency for safety purpose, a Panic button is provided to inform the location of distress school

going children’s, college students & persons and vehicle through SMS.


»    In our Spot Locator, there is a feature for vehicle or person’s safety called as “Pre-defined location mode”.

In this mode, location’s and timing’s details about your vehicle or person are saved in our unit well in advance

as per the details provided by you to us. The Pre-defined location’s and Timing’s may change as per your


For Example:

»    School going children’s. The children is at her school on 9 AM, If she/he not reached the school at 9 AM 

immediately an alert message send to her father and mother as “ Your children not yet reached the school”, 

like this you can monitor her throughout the day/ month.

»    If the vehicle or person or Tour going children’s are not available in that Pre-defined location in that

particular Pre-defined time (ex: She/he not reached the hotel room before 8.00 PM ), you will get an alert

message along with the Current location details of person or vehicle or Tour going children’s.


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»    You can know the location of a person or a vehicle by simply giving a missed call to the NeuronSpot

Locator from wherever you are around the world.

»    Just by a single touch in our Android App, you can get your location details of the vehicle’s,human

beings or anything you want to locate around the world. We are the No.1 in this High

Technology Android Application program.

»    We provide the following features to any vehicles such that, side window glasses opening or closing

automatically and steering auto lock, Anti-theft monitoring and also remote lock/open facility’s for your

vehicles, while you are far away from your vehicle, even other state or other country.

»    If you are having only one unit of Neuron Spot Locator, you can use this unit to anyone of your family member

or anyone of your vehicle because it can be easily shifted or interchanged as you like.

»    If you are having 4 number of Neuron Spot Locator for your Car, Bus, Son, Daughter means, you can get

the above 4 unit’s location details with in your single android phone, with individual Color icon’s, individual

vehicle name’s, Son and Daughter name’s with current location with time.

»    While you are begin your travel from your house, you can monitor and know the total travel time, travelled

by you with location details at which time details or anybody travelled by your vehicle without you.

»    If you want to trace your vehicle location and speed, without driver’s knowledge you can use our Neuron

spot locator.

»    For Each & Every time, if you start your vehicle, you can automatically get the time details and location

details about at which time your vehicle has been started and also you can know how much time your vehicle

has been stopped in a particular place.


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