Neuron Spot Locator

           Neuron Spot Locator is technically advanced and highly accurate with specific spot location

finder for your vehicle’s, human beings and anything you want to locate around the world. Simply

give a missed call to the Neuron Spot Locator to know the location. It has a special feature, called

as “Auto Timed Location” feature, in which Spot location will be checked periodically, if the person

or a vehicle is not available in that particular location at that particular time, you can get an alert


           For any person whom to be located, as an example to say: For a school going children, by using

our Neuron Spot Locator, parents can easily locate their children’s location for their safety and can

get a frequent messages to their parents where they are available at present. Even though your

children are in some other places (Delhi, Bombay, America and Africa) for their holidays, you can

easily locate your children’s present location simply by reprogramming by yourself. Only few

brands of spot locator available in the world.Even in those brands, Neuron Spot Locator’s

performance is very excellent, very user friendly to the customers. Customers can reprogram the

locations easily as they want to locate it by themselves throughout the world.

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            We have arranged a Trial Spot Locator in our Factory for Customer Convenience.(Available

for 24hours).  To Operate our Trial Spot Locator.Now itself you can call our Factory Trial Spot

Locator Number 9894054831. Immediately you will get the location message from our Trial Spot

Locator. Just Click on the received message from Spot Locator and open it in Google maps to know

the location of our Trial Spot Locator.


  • You can get the Detailed locations Report of your vehicle’s or a particular person’s available 

    locations from the very beginning of the day after installing our unit .


    If you want to know a particular person’s or your vehicle available location on  yesterday  

    around 6 pm to 9 pm. Just go through our Yesterday’s Report on that Particular Time .

  • By using our Advanced location Timer, you can get the location details of your vehicle or a

particular person for a fixed interval of time automatically.


          If you fix the time interval as 5 minutes, you can get the location details of your vehicle or a

particular person for every 5 minutes automatically.( Time Interval can be varied by the user

according to their requirements).

  • For Each & Every time, If you start your vehicle, you can automatically get the Time details

about at which time your vehicle has been started.


  • Just by a single touch,you can get your location details of the vehicle’s, human beings and

anything you want to locate around the world. We are the No.1 in this  High Technology program

(Android Application).

  • By using our High technology program(Android application), you can easily operate &

control your Neuron Spot Locator by a single touch from anywhere, around the world.


o    To get Location of  your Neuron Spot Locator simply touch “STATUS” button.

o    To  Lock  your car from anywhere around the world, simply touch “CLOFF” button.

   To Unlock  your car from anywhere around the world,  simply touch “CLON” button.

         like this there are many user friendly commands to control & operate your  Neuron Spot Locator

  •  You can know the location of a person or a vehicle by simply giving a missed call from

wherever you are around the world.

  • By using our spot locator unit, you can locate a person whom you want to locate by using

ordinary cell phone also.

  • In case of Emergency for safety purpose, A button is provided to inform the location of distress

school, college going children’s/persons through SMS.

  •  In our Spot Locator, there is a feature for vehicle/person safety called as Auto timed location

mode. In this mode, location and timings details about your vehicle/person is saved in our unit. If

the vehicle/person is not in that location (ex: school) in that particular time (ex: at 9.00 AM), you

will get an alert message along with the location details of person/vehicle.

  •  We provide any vehicle’s, side window glasses opening/closing and steering auto lock, Anti

theft monitoring and remote locking facility for your vehicles.

  • It is very user-friendly, so you can program Neuron spot locator as per your requirement for

locating places of your vehicles and children’s (you may select and program your places as you


  • While traveling from your house  you can monitor and know the total travel time by you or

anybody traveled by your vehicle.

  • If you want to trace your vehicle location and speed, without driver’s knowledge in all around

the world, you can use our Neuron spot locator.