Neuron Wireless Water Level Controller

              In our modern lifestyle there are so many wireless water level controllers in the market. But

Neuron wireless water level controller entirely different from others. This is technically advanced,

highly accurate and very simple to monitor and operate by the customer with adjustable reserve


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              This system consists of 2 units, one is placed in SUMP or WELL and another one is placed in


               If the water level in the over head tank is low, motor will ON automatically and OFF the

motor automatically after the tank gets full. At the time of motor ON or OFF, tank’s water level

positions ( Full, Just Below Full, Middle and Reserve) arrives, and the status of the motor, sump &

tank water position will be send to the customer as individual clear messages. To safeguard the

motor, high & low voltage detection, dry run and overload protection are also provided in this


              Neuron  Wireless Water Level Controller is unique in India, means without float, we are just

insert single wires only for sensing water Position purpose (High frequency Micro controlled data  

sensing special wires).** In other Company’s Water Level Controller , they are using float switches only.

Float switch is not advisable, because float switch is a mechanical movement unit , immersed in water for long

time, due to long period in water , rust formed in between float switches. So the function of the float switch

is not perfect.



  • We are the No. 1 in this High Technology program.
  • By using our High technology program (Android application), you can easily operate &

control your Water Level Controller by a single touch from anywhere, around the world.


  • To ON your motor simply touch ON button.
  • To OFF your motor simply touchOFF button.
  • To get Status of your motor simply touchSTATUSbutton.

         like this there are many user friendly commands to control & operate your Water Level Controller.

  • Just give a Message to ON or OFF your motor.
  • Scrolling Display is provided to view all the status of the motor and motor parameters, water

level position of sump & over head tanks. These facilities are available only in our  Neuron water

level controller.

  • You can set Dry Run, Overload, High Voltage, Low Voltage and Water reserve capacity settings

as per your requirement.

Over Head Tank Reserve Provision:

         In case of any emergency time or at the time of EB failure or any unexpected functions in your

house. We provide a special feature called as over head tank water reserve facility to safeguard your

house administration at the above crucial times. According to your function water needs , you can

adjust your over head tank reserve capacity.

Emergency Needs:

        In case of emergency purpose, long time Garden watering purpose and EB shutdown days, if you

want to fill your Water Tank immediately, using the emergency ON/OFF switch, you can run your

motor immediately and fill your water tank.

  • EB supply ON or OFF, Dry Run, water level position of sump and overhead tank, Overload, High

Voltage, Low Voltage, Fuse Failure and Single phase Protection. For all those situations, customer

can get individual alert message to his mobile number.

  • If the motor current or voltage goes lower or higher than your set limit value, any phase

failure[ Allows “3  times” phase failure only ], motor bearing break down, motor will OFF

automatically and alert message will send to the customer number along with the reason for

its individual occurrence. If it so, you can only restart the motor.This is for your motor safety .