Our products are as follows,

with unique features).We are (NEURON engineers)  the 1st people in the world, who invented this unique


  • Spot Locator for Persons, Vehicles and anything that you want to locate in all around the world.

and control any machinery’s around the world (We are accuracy specialist).

  • Mobile Starter with unimaginable and advanced features to control any kind of precious motorized 

Equipment. It is very unique product in  all around the world.

Level Controllers with adjustable reserve capacity provision.

electronic DT switch position status, with Indication messages.[ manual DT switch not needed]

Shops, Banks, ATM centers, Shops, Offices, other commercial and non-commercial purposes etc to

prevent from burglars.

overload and restarts the conveyor after good condition.

Note:   By using communication technology( GSM Technology) ,our R&D team of engineers are in” under

process “for inventing new user friendly products for the people throughout the world.