Neuron Temperature with Humidity Monitor & Controller

                 Neuron Temperature with humidity Monitor & controller is technically safe, advanced and

highly accurate in measuring temperature and humidity. You can Control any machines around the

world just by sensing Temperature and Humidity. Our product supports in various fields such as

Breeding farms, Blood banks, Operation Theaters in Hospitals, Smelting Furnaces, Nitrogen

transfer systems, Refrigeration controls, Dryers, Dehumidifiers, Engine test beds & any industries.

We are specialist in measuring negative temperature also, So you can know the temperature value

ranging from -50’c to +150’c (both in Celsius and Farad) and humidity value ranging from 20% to

90% (%RH) by simply giving a missed call. You can set your entire room’s temperature and

humidity value individually as your need and requirement by just sending a message to the Neuron

Temperature with Humidity monitor and controller.


  •  We are the No.1 in this  High Technology program ( Android  Application ).
  • Just by a single touch in android app or give a missed call to get  the following features
  • The present temperature and humidity of the room.
  • You can know and also set the room temperature and humidity as per your requirement.
  • EB Supply available position along with the present EB supply voltage of the room.
  • Onboard power ON / OFF indications.
  • Scrolling display is provided to see all the status, values of the temperature and humidity of

each and every room.

  • EB supply ON or OFF alert message along with the EB supply voltage will send to the customer


  • If the previous set value of your room temperature or humidity increase or decrease, an alert

message will send to the customer number.

  • You can use this system for many number of rooms in places like hospitals, industries, House,

Farm house, poultry farms and any where you want to measure the temperature and humidity in all

around the world.

  • You can see all the parameters of your room, where our temperature controller is fixed, just by

sitting in your office  room through our unit display.  

                  NOTE: Just sensing the temperature or humidity (any one parameter is enough for us), you

can control (ON or OFF) any machinery products and any other electrical and electronic 

equipment by using our monitor throughout the world.* ( it is Unique feature)


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